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M.I.S.T is a ministry envisioned for the men of Gethsemane House of Prayer.   M.I.S.T stands for Men Inspiring Spiritual Transformation.  A "mist" is a light spray of water that brings refreshing and relief to whatever it falls upon. 

The purpose of M.I.S.T. is to develop men who are enpowered to lead their families in their spiritual growth bringing an air of refreshment to whatever and whomever God places in their lives.  In 1 Cor. 14:35, Paul admonishes the women to ask their husbands at home about the things of God indicating the home as the foundational spiritual building block for our society. 



The role of the male in our society is constantly under attack from the enemy.   Every male man needs to have a Godly role model, mentor and motivator in his life to help him learn how to be a man.  Because many families are functioning without a male role model, our young men have no one to pattern their lives after.  This lack of the male role model leaves many new families severely lacking a strong, loving, caring man who is able to fill the role as priest of his house and visionary of the future of his family.  If there is a perfectly functional family, I've never seen it.  


All families have some elements of dysfunction. Some, however, are better off than others.  But this can be overcome with the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ operating through the fathers and men in our society. 


M.I.S.T's goal is to teach men how to take their place as the spiritual heads of their households and to inspire transformation in their communities by becoming ensamples others can look to for spiritual guidance by the life they live.  Just as the "mist" experienced on a cool mountain morning, the M.I.S.T. men will encourage others to overcome their mountains through Jesus Christ. We invite you to join us as we endeavor to go up as we grow up in the counsel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Interested in Serving?

Take the next step in joining the M.I.S.T. Team.  After becoming a member of GHOP you will attend 4 New Members classes. These one hour classes are designed to help you understand the mission, purpose and calling of GHOP, equip you to live life as a fully-devoted follower of Christ and will help you discover and fulfill your God-given purpose. Contact us at 

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