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Our History

We Don't Despise Small Beginnings
Pastor Mack faithfully served his country for 22 years in the United States Army. Upon retirement, the Maneice family settled in Killeen Texas and became active members of their Christian House of Prayer under the covering of Bishop Nate and Pastor Valerie Holcomb.  In 2005, Pastor Mack’s wife accepted a job in Kuwait. 
In 2007, Pastor Mack also became employed in the Middle East.  Immediately upon his arrival, Pastor Mack began holding bible study in their living room. Bible study grew from 2 to over 25 people of many domination and cultural background including, Indonesians, Pakistanis, Kuwaitis, Americans, Germans, and many more. Soon Bible Study because a full blown worship service.
The GHOP Kuwait congregation was and will always be family. As a church, Pastor Mack and Lady Carlotta experienced a lot of firsts including: first baptism, climbing Mt. Sinai and touring Israel.  In February 2010, Pastor Mac heard the Lord declare "The hunt is on in Huntsville,  AL."
In 2011, Pastor Mack stepped out "By Faith" and moved to Huntsville, Alabama with his family. Although they had no job, no house and no prospects, they had Jesus who was MORE THAN ENOUGH! 
GHOP Kuwait
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