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A Grace Gift – the ministry of helps is God’s power and equipment to provide help and aid. 

Administrative Minister:

  • One responsible for the day to day duties to ensure the effective flow of the church’s administrative operations.


Big Giveaway Minister:

  • A ministry for people to donate new or slightly used furniture and/or clothing and connect them with those who have a genuine need for the donated items. The intent is not to collect and store these items but to transfer them as expeditiously as possible from the giver to the receiver.


Bookstore Minister:

  • Those who serve in the Outreach Bookstore to sell ministry material from our church services and other Christian music and reference material.


Children’s Church Minister:

  • One designed to minister to children at their level of understanding during worship service.


Dance Minister:

  • Those who minister the Word of God under the anointing of the Holy Ghost through dance and Mime.



  • Those who minister to the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of each church member and their family, as an extension of Pastoral Care.


Elder Ministry:

  • Ordained to exhort the Pastors and staff of the church, which includes providing encouragement, comfort, persuasion, counseling, teaching and accountability. For the oversight for managing the affairs of the church and providing the overarching protection of the body.


Finance Minister:

  • One who oversees the day-to-day business and administrative affairs of the Church, provides staff assistance to supervisors and department heads in developing, communicating, and carrying out the Church’s financial management policies and procedures.



  • Ministers who ensure that out of town guests are welcomed, arrange travel, hotel reservations and other duties. Send flowers and cards to worshippers and their family member in the event of illnesses or death. To review and consider benevolent requests and verify the needs of church members in unexpected crisis situations.


Intercessory Prayer Minister:

  • Ministers who come together in prayer corporately or individually by praying on behalf of others. Christ is pictured in the New Testament as the ultimate intercessor, and because of this, all Christian prayer becomes intercession since it is offered to God through and by Christ. Jesus closed the gap between us and God when He died on the cross. Because of Jesus’ mediation, we can now intercede in prayer on behalf of other Christians or for the lost, asking God to grant their requests according to His will.


Jail Minister:

  • Ministers who provide visits, cards, letters of encouragement and daily telephonic prayers to those that are physically incarcerated.


Marketing Minister:

  • Those who deliver the Word of God through mass media, technology, publication and all available resources, as it is written and preached in the Kingdom of God, and in the House of the Lord.


Media/AV Minister:

  • Those who duplicates audio CDs, and video DVDs for sale in the bookstore. Monitors the sound for the recording of CDs during the services through advanced technical equipment. Video records the worship services for distribution.


M.I.S.T Men’s Ministry (Men Inspiring Spiritual Transformation)

  • M.I.S.T is a ministry envisioned for the men of Gethsemane House of Prayer.  Mist is a light spray of water that brings refreshing and relief to whatever it falls upon.  The purpose of M.I.S.T. is to develop men who are empowered to lead their families in their spiritual growth bringing an air of refreshment to whatever and whomever God places in their lives.


Music Minister:

  • One who leads the congregation into the worship regularly and instructing the congregation in and with the Song of the Lord, songs of understanding, deliverance, praise, worship, adoration, victory and love for the edifying of the Body.


Parking Lot Minister:

  • Those who spiritually and physically assist and serve everyone that enters and exits the parking lot. Helps keep order of traffic in parking lot during the worship services.


Pastoral Support Team:

  • Those who fully support and prepare the pastors or their designees to minister. To move seamlessly in ministry alongside the pastors while maintaining a high level of comfort, security and spiritual alertness of their immediate and general ministry needs.


Porters Minister:

  • Those who greet and meet people in love as they enter the House of God, as well as ushers, who assist in finding seating and ensuring guest and members are comfortable. The greeters and ushers seek to operate in the Spirit of Love and Excellence as guests and members alike worship at GHOP.


Sonship School of the Firstborn:

  • A ministry-minded school in the church. Our one-year course is focused on the discipline of ministry studies, and is aimed at individual Christians, ministers of the Gospel, and local assemblies throughout the world.

SWAT (Soul Winning Action Team):

  • An effective door to door witnessing outreach ministry team engaged in street canvassing to share the Gospel with unbelievers in an effort to win their souls for Christ. Ministry participants also engage in prayer for those with special prayer requests.


Unseen Hands Minister:

  • Those whose ministry purpose is to clean the Sanctuary, and any other areas designated by GHOP leadership to ensure areas are properly cleaned and prepared for use.


W.A.R Women’s Ministry (Women Above Reproach)

  • Women’s ministry that encourages and motivate women to live according to Colossians 1:22“yet Christ has now reconciled you [to God] in His [a]physical body through death, in order to present you before the Father holy and blameless and beyond reproach.”(AMP).

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