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Carlotta Maneice

Dr. Carlotta Maneice  is a Michigan native and a U.S. Army veteran. She has traveled extensively around the world including the Netherlands, Africa, Kuwait and Israel.  She is a dedicated wife, mother and grandmother who enjoys singing, cooking, reading and participating in her kids various activities. 

She falls under the leadership of the Late Apostle Nathaniel and Pastor Valerie Holcomb, Christian House of Prayer, Killeen Texas, where she is also a 2009 Sonship School of the Firstborn graduate. 

Lady Carlotta holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, a Master’s in Business Administration and received her Doctorate in Biblical Counseling in 2019 from Andersonville Theological Seminary. This mother of 5 and grandmother of 3  has been married to her best friend for almost 25 years.

A survivor of physical and mental abuse, her desire is to elevate, encourage and equip young adults, especially women, to reach their full potential in Christ.

Follow Lady Carlotta's blog as she discusses her mission to be a Woman Above Reproach at:

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